Sunday, 29 June 2008

So now the end is near...

So here we are at another season finale, and the third one in four series to feature the Daleks.

I don't want to say too much at this stage as we're only half way through but I have to say I was quite impressed. With so many returning characters, plus the Daleks, plus Davros plus something approaching a plot, it should have been a disaster. But somehow Russell T Davies manages to make this work which is a testament to his abilities as a writer. It may not be his best script, but the fact that he managed to produce something that was not only watchable but so much fun as well just goes to show how much he deserves the OBE.

Pretty much every character gets a decent amount of screen time, with the exception of Martha's mum though that's no big loss; she's such an unmemorable character that I've already forgotten her name. The Doctor, too, seems to take a bit of a back seat here but hopefully he'll move centre stage for the finale on Saturday. Of course who will be playing the Doctor will depend on how they resolve the cliffhanger...

Ah yes, the cliffhanger. Suprisingly quite a lot of fans are rather upset at this cliffhanger, convinced that somehow the Doctor would escape the one thing that in the past he could never escape from: regeneration. They may well have a point but using the regeneration as a cliffhanger is a stoke of genius. The point of cliffhangers is to get the audience talking and excited about the next episode. Well I think it's fair to say that people are definitely talking about it. There are rumours and counter-rumours and lots of theories about whether we will see a new Doctor on Saturday night and who that new Doctor may be.

Personally I don't think he will change, though I'm not sure quite how he might get out of it. Then again Russell T Davies does like to try and surprise his audience. Maybe he has one more big surprise lined up for us.

Before I go, I hear that they've lined up a replacement for Sir Alan Sugar in the next series of the Apprentice:

"You're fired!"

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